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Ephedrine is a diet and fat burning supplement that has been proven to offer outstanding weight loss results.  Ephedrine can dramatically improve the speed and efficacy of any diet and exercise program as it works on numerous fronts to target fat.

Ephedrine is a powerful weight loss aid.  It is derived from the plant Ephedra Sinica and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.  Ephedrine, or Ma Huang, as it was traditionally called, was used to treat asthma and other bronchial conditions.

As a weight loss supplement, ephedrine promises to reduce cravings, speed metabolic rate processes, improve energy and performance and increase fat burning and weight loss.  Ephedrine’s dramatic performance has been documented in numerous scientific studies, showing it to be probably the most effective weight loss product ever researched.

Ephedrine helps with weight loss by targeting a variety of areas at once.  Perhaps most importantly, ephedrine is a potent appetite suppressant and metabolic rate booster.

As an appetite suppressant, ephedrine works to help you feel satiated even while on a reduced calorie diet.  Hunger pangs are minimized or made non-existent.  Craving control and reduced appetite mean that you can stick to your diet without feeling ravenous or deprived.  With a powerful appetite suppressant at your side you can much more easily keep your calorie count low.

On top of this, ephedrine is a natural energy boosting supplement.  This means that you can still stick to your regular exercise routine even while dieting.  Ephedrine gives you the energy you need to get through any tough workout.  Together with its appetite suppressing properties, ephedrine offers you the ability to stick to both your diet and your workouts without feeling run down.

Ephedrine is also known to be a powerful thermogenetic.  The process of thermogenesis involves the slight raise in the body’s core temperature which in turn triggers a faster metabolic rate function.  Improved metabolic rate performance is key to any fat burning program.  This aspect of ephedrine optimizes weight loss results as your metabolism works over time burning fat and calories.

Ephedrine can also be used as a performance enhancing supplement.  Its traditional use as a vasodilator for treating asthma, also makes it useful for increasing oxygen levels and oxygen uptake in the blood.   What this means for dieters is that every workout is made more effective as more oxygen reaches the cells and helps increase stamina and performance during training sessions.

Ephedrine’s effects can also be boosted by combining it with aspirin and caffeine.  Together these three ingredients create what is known in the fitness world as an ECA stack.

ECA stacks are known to be the most effective combination for achieving results fast.  Both caffeine and aspirin boost the effects of ephedrine and work synergistically to create the ultimate fat burning and diet supplement.

Together, all of the above, make ephedrine an incredibly powerful weight loss supplement.  Ephedrine targets weight loss on every level and makes reaching your fitness and weight loss goals much easier.


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