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Ephedra is a naturally derived substance that comes from the plant genus Epehdra Sinica.  Traditionally this medicinal plant was used to treat asthma, bronchitus and other lung infections or diseases.

Known alternately as Ma Huang, this plant was used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  More recently, ephedra has been used by bodybuilders, dieters and fitness enthusiasts to improve weight loss and fat burning results.

As a diet and weight loss aid, ephedra is largely unmatched.  It is in fact probably the best known and most effective fat burner on the market today.

Even well researched scientific studies have found that ephedra promotes rapid weight loss amongst its users.  The potency of ephedra for weight loss and fat burning remains undisputed.

The reason for ephedra’s extremely high value is that it targets weight loss on a host of fronts.  Ephedra works as an appetite suppressant, energy booster, metabolic rate optimizer, fat burner, vasodilator and performance enhancer all at once.

As an appetite suppressant, ephedra works to do away with hunger and cravings.  Appetite suppressants help those on restricted diets remain true to their path without giving in to cravings or overeating.

Most diets fail because they are unsustainable by those who use them.  However, with an appetite suppressants, like ephedra, sticking to a reduced calorie input is much easier.  Appetite control can mean all the difference when it comes to rapid weight loss.  Ephedra helps you feel satiated and energized even while eating less.

The energy boosting effects of ephedra also mean that you can stick to your tough training routines without feeling tired or burnt out.  Ephedra improves energy levels meaning that you have more stamina and more energy to get through those grueling sessions.

Ephedra also helps to improve blood oxygenation.  As a potent vasodilator, ephedra can improve muscle building and weight lifting performance.  More oxygen to the blood means more stamina and more stamina means better results.

Ephedra is also used as a potent fat burner and metabolic rate booster.  Ephedra uses the process of thermogenesis to slightly raise the body’s core temperature.  As a thermogenic supplement, ephedra helps improve metabolic rate performance.  Ephedra will kick sluggish metabolisms into overdrive.  In turn, more calories are burned even while at rest.

Ephedra is also sometimes combined with aspirin and caffeine to form what is known in the diet and bodybuilding world as an ECA stack.  To date, ECA stacks are without doubt the most powerful fat burning combination ever discovered.

The potency of ephedra is enhanced by the addition of caffeine and aspirin.  Together these ingredients outperform every other fat burner on the market.

Aspirin and caffeine improve the power of ephedra and optimize its beneficial capacities.  ECA stacks will keep you energized and pumped all day long, making getting through the day a breeze.  Ephedra and other ECA stacks will dramatically improve weight loss results and help you get to your diet and weight loss goals much faster than with exercise and diet alone.


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